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HRM TV: Where does Australian HR stand?As someone who is very active in the global workforce planning environment, I have established Workforce Planning Global and this website to facilitate the sharing of useful advice and support to people who are seeking information on Workforce Planning.

Workforce planning is the systematic identification, analysis and planning of organizational needs in terms of people. It is a process used to generate business intelligence to inform business of the current and future impact of the external and internal environment on the business, enabling the business to be resilient to structural and cultural changes to better position itself for the future.

Strategic workforce planning is relevant because we live and work in a global knowledge economy that is highly connected and interrelated. Furthermore, the environment within which it operates is uncertain and constantly changing. To operate effectively in this environment, organisational leaders and organisations are required to plan and predict for future growth. This requires flexibility, adaptability and resilience.  The value of strategic workforce planning is that it enables organisational growth and success by connecting HR strategy and practices to business strategy and financial plans.   

I have been active on the topic of workforce planning for more than 20 years and in the past 3 years I have dedicated much of my time to the development and publication of both the Australian Standard on Workforce Planning AS:5620:2015 and the ISO Workforce Planning Standard due for release this year (2016). I had the honor of being lead writer of the Australian Standard and convener of the ISO working group developing the ISO Standard, this involved working with  workforce planning experts from 22 Countries.

Workforce Planning Global continues to provide support and advice on workforce planning in many countries around the world so please make contact via email or telephone and or keep an eye on my calendar to see where I am working if you would like to  discuss your workforce planning challenges and opportunities.

Workforce planning is a complex issue and a skilled discipline and there has been over the past decade a variety of approaches, methods and systems applied with diverse success. The collobaration of workforce planning experts, case studies and individual experience is timely, exciting and energizing and I encourage you to contribute your experiences to this collective knowledge through this website.

To build stronger economies, development of  meaningful strategic and operational workforce plans for the current, transition to the future and the future workforce is the responsibility of the highest level of leadership as it is a human governance issue intrinsinctly linked to organisational risk assessment and risk mitigation.

I thank you for your interest in this important topic.

Julie Sloan
Chief Executive Officer
Workforce Planning Global



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Julie Sloan

Julie Sloan

Julie Sloan is recognised as an international expert in strategic and operational Workforce Planning. She is a member of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) TC260 committee and convener of the ISO TC 260 Working Group on Workforce Planning.


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