2020 the year of the Workforce Planning

In 2020 every country, industry and sector no matter what size was forced to consider workforce planning. Those who had previously embedded workforce planning into their normal business planning processes had an easier task than those that had not.

Re-thinking workforce:  availability, structure, design, mobilisation, scenario and resource planning and much more, based on quality workforce data was a business imperative.  Some were ready some were not! The impact of both was far reaching on the workforce and on business sustainability.   

2021 is already generating new hope and energy – it could be a year of opportunities for addressing and risk managing ‘lessons learnt’ in 2020.  A year where building sustainable and higher level capability in strategic and operational workforce planning is prioritised.  

This year, Workforce Planning Global was fortunate to continue to provide advice and support to enable our global clients to strengthen and mature their workforce planning capabilities and we look forward to delivering more exciting projects next year.

We wish you all a safe, healthy, positive and progressive 2021.