What will the new ‘normal’​ be?

I have the opportunity through my work to speak with and learn from skilled and experienced leaders and employees across many industries and sectors and this is one of the questions I am currently consistently hearing.

Today, I was part of a global panel discussing ‘Business Outlook of the future’ hosted by Aly Ghazanfar from AIM Consulting in Islamabad Other members of the panel were Heleniq Argyrou a Paradigm Shifter from the Netherlands to whom I could listen for many hours, and Mujeeb Zahur an executive from S & P Global Pakistan which has offices across the globe, a leader who demonstrated great awareness and sensitivity to business social responsibility and sustainability.

We explored the many faces of the new ‘normal’ including – more humanized workplaces; global collaboration; greater empathy and emotional intelligence from leaders; stronger employee engagement; respect and valuing of employee skills and capabilities; different, unplanned and welcomed career opportunities; fast tracking of diversity and inclusion policy and practice; importance of strategic thinking first and strategic planning second; progressing of digital transformations – systems, employee capability and technology requirements at all levels; responsibilities and accountability at societal, industry, organisational, local levels; plausible scenario based workforce planning including and especially ‘wild cards’, the disproportionate pressure on women in the workforce during these times due to diverse family responsibilities and much much more…

I valued this time today and have learnt a great deal from the host, the panel and the participants. I encourage you all to participate in these inspirational and progressive discussion forums when and wherever you can so that we can collectively shape the global answer to what the new ‘normal’ will look like.