A new, timely, important and useful book on Human Capital Management Standards

Human Resource Management Standards – ISO and National Standards – are written by people who are subject experts and are committed to making their skills and knowledge available in the public domain and relevant to industry. They give their time voluntarily (approx 2- 3 years) and work with subject experts from many different countries to scope, debate and write a Standard. The next task is to take it to the market, to inform industry of its value and provide support with its application.

In Sept 2019 a new book ‘Human Capital Management Standards’ will be launched in Sydney, Australia. It is a comprehensive guide to the British Standards Institution and ISO frameworks for people management. Providing internationally agreed definitions and best practice guidance. It offers a foundation for sustainable people management and development practices in organisations. Covering everything from organisational governance, workforce planning, diversity and inclusion, learning and development, futures thinking, a glossary to explain the language and much more.

I was honored to be invited to write the chapter on Workforce Planning and as a long term ISO TC 260 HRM member and Australian representative, I encourage you to consider this book as a timely, important and useful text to assist you build your human capital management capability.

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