Workforce Planning Tools and Systems

Workforce Planning and Human Capital Reporting tools, techniques and systems – beginners to advanced, to assist clients embed workforce planning into their strategic and business planning processes.

Workforce Planning Global are proud to be in strategic alliance with Workforce Whiz the designers and owners of the innovative, progressive, unique, user-friendly automated workforce planning system call Workforce Optimisation Tool (WOT).  This tool is offered at foundation, introduction and advanced levels and/or as a Web based App.

The tool uses existing workforce data held by the client to streamline and provide workforce insights to enable responsive, automated and future focused workforce analytics in support of identifying workforce opportunities, risks and areas requiring proactive action.

There are two options for the development of the tool and these are defined below:

Option 1 (Excel based tool):

This tool includes a comprehensive workforce planning methodology, algorithms and formulas to automate and provide responsive workforce intelligence and insights. System support requirements are low as the tool can be housed on either a local drive, shared drive and/or server depending on the requirements/preference of the client. The tool is tailored to the specific needs and data/insight priorities of the client which provides minimalistic maintenance requiring changes only when new/additional data sets are added.

Option 2 (Web based app):

The functionality of the tool can be replicated into a more mature web-based app using a number of standard (commercial off the shelf) products and tailored to the needs of the organisation. The specific design and requirements will depend on the client’s preference.

Workforce Planning Global can provide references from a range of clients who are using the WOT automated workforce planning system.