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Workforce Planning Global have guided our agency through a strategic approach to workforce planning. As subject matter experts, they are knowledgeable, professional and deliver results. Through Workforce Planning Global our agency has introduced an evidence based approach to HR analytics and workforce planning, improved system capability, improved strategy and workforce segmentation by criticality. Workforce Planning Global have supported us in the systematic identification, analysis and planning of organisational needs in terms of people. We certainly appreciate the workforce planning expertise, capability building and system support provided by Mr. Quentin O’Grady and Workforce Planning Global. We couldn’t have done it without them!

– Mardi Steward, National Manager, People Security and Integrity ACIC (2019)

“University of New England (UNE) has recently engaged Workforce Planning Global due to their expertise in this area to support us with the establishment of a contemporary and future focused workforce planning process. The process has engaged numerous key stakeholders across the University of New England (UNE) and has provided practical recommendations which we are in the process of implementing. We also have gained access to the Workforce Optimisation Tool that will assist us significantly through the journey we are embarking on. I thoroughly recommend Julie and Quentin and thank them for sharing their expertise with UNE”

Andrew Corbett – Deputy Director, Human Resource Services 2019.

“Julie is very passionate about the topic…and this is very evident”.
“A great introduction to the conference”
“Julie speaks with experience and knowledge and was very good steering the conversation looking forward into the future”

“Julie is very knowledgeable and giving of her time and advice, she keeps me coming back to conferences and seminars that she is involved in”

“Julie was excellent in every aspect of the summit, presentation and moderator”

“Julie is an amazing contact to have met professionally, and so knowledgeable”

“She knows her subject and presents this very well”

“She summarized each speaker and provided clarity around topics in an engaging and professional manner”.

Thank you to Julie Sloan for her optimal mix of Workforce Planning expertise, real world experience and excellent execution of our “building workforce planning capability” workshops. The sessions were well planned, engaging and relevant to our business and practices. Julie is professional and a wonderful facilitator who spent a lot of time within our organisation to understand our business, get buy in, create excitement and develop an approach to Workforce Planning that set us off on a journey that was well informed and added value to building our workforce of the future.

– Manager Talent Acquisition & Workforce Planning People and Culture

Workforce Planning Global were engaged to guide YSAS in building its workforce planning capabilities, to establish a systematic approach to strategic and operational workforce planning, and to develop a workforce planning framework.

Strategy Development and Planning: Workforce Planning Global excelled in delivering all the outcomes on time and within budget. This project was a pivotal tranche of strategic work that underpinned an organisational transformation change program. YSAS is now well positioned in its industry sector and workforce market for growth and longer term financial sustainability as one of the first (if not the first) not-for-profit organisation in Victoria to have a robust and fit-for-purpose Workforce Plan and strategy aligned to internal and national standards and best practice.

Organisational Design/Transformation: Workforce Planning Global designed and delivered a modernised option of a new organisation design and workforce profile that has now been readily adopted to underpin the rapid implementation of a transformed workforce structure and function and that is also a key input into the renegotiation of a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

Human Capital Management: The insight analysis and practical reports produced utilising the WPG workforce optimisation tool have enabled our organisation to identify and proactively manage critical staff positions and to plan human management for 3- and 5-year future horizons. The Workforce Plan has also facilitated the better positioning and influence over our government funders sector workforce current and future state workforce plans and strategies.

Retention: The methodology adopted enabled our key executives and functional managers to dynamically understand the current state and to consider and plan options for stepped changes in the current organisational policies and protocol for recruitment and retention of quality employees. With their guidance and wealth of knowledge and global experience we have been able to break open innovative approaches to recruiting hard to fill roles and attraction and retention of key employees to be located in regional areas.

Training and Development: The services provided evidenced their high level of skill in their training our key employees in workforce planning principles, methodologies, strategy development and practical (and plain language) effective implementation. This was complemented by the comprehensive documented workforce planning standards, contemporary research and on-line tools. The outcomes of the products received through working with Workforce Planning Global have also directly contributed to a new employee training and development framework, strategy and annual plan for the organisation. Our organisation now better understands the essential component of training and development as part of an overall modern, robust and agile workforce plan.

– John Barrett, Chief: Strategy & Innovation (March 2020)

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